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Street Hacker Synopsis

Concept was the driving force for this game, and we hope it entertaining. Few games on the market dwell in the realm of simulated digital theft and crime. Street Hacker is a unique mix of both the realism of today’s computer operated world and the creativity of one young man’s mind. Console based games like SH introduce a new form of heart pumping adrenaline, which cannot be reproduced outside this gaming genre. Simulating real-world computer hacking to us in many ways is just as entertaining and much safer.

Platform Distinction

Up until now, some console-based predecessors to SH have lacked intuitive GUI design and aesthetics, which may not resemble an operating system most gamers are used to managing. With SH we attempted to recreate this familiar similarity on the user’s behalf by use of a standard desktop layout and program structure without dismissing intricacy. SH is still very much console or terminal based; however, the user can control local file structure with use of the GUI file explorer. Other concepts, like CPU dynamic load balancing, program execution authentication, and file system integrity verification have all been internally implemented to produce a genuinely realistic platform.

Unique Program Procedurals

A distinctive difference with SH is the procedure one uses to obtain programs. Applications are purchased through a simulated online vendor called Solid Software Solutions whose service you must subscribe to in order to receive updates and new programs. These packages include file encrypters, file archivers, Antivirus systems and other common hacking utilities, which would not normally be installed by default. Not only are these programs installable, they are also uninstallable.

Diverse Techniques

One of the largest distinctions for game-play is the variety of techniques we have offered to the player. Traditionally and the most amateur way of gaining login credentials is with the use of a brute force generator or a definition library cracker; however we wanted to emphasize variety so we have offered the use of predefined exploit scripts. In spite of everything, the implementation of viruses is where Street Hacker reveals its true individuality. Real world hacking usually encompasses some element of Trojan implanting, or malicious code usage. Capturing this element in a controlled game environment is remarkably entertaining. The player has design options when building a Virus/Trojan/Worm, which include setting characteristics like AI, Polymorphic, Size Stealth…to selecting the script & action the virus will use when run.

Dynamic World

Replay value for Street Hacker should be fairly high considering the dynamic intricacy of the world. The scope of the SH universe is around 600 individual servers, randomly generated for each players account that include everything from WAN IP addresses to server file structures. Servers randomly select from a pool of predefined programs, operating systems, and miscellaneous documents, which will be prepared discreetly for the server based on its file structure. The predefined operating systems used were based off of Win98, WinNT, Sun, & Linux in ascending order of in game stability. In addition, an extremely shifting and much more user influenced feature is the company system. Companies have shifting affiliations with one-another and these relationships change based on player actions. Companies can create missions for the user to carry out against their opponents and vice-a-versa. Choose your own affiliations with these companies, not all of them maintain the same market capital and thus cannot afford to keep a steady supply of missions.

The Streets

Away from your computer while logged off, we have given players the ability to interact with the populace of the current city they reside in. At random, The Streets are flooded with computer vendors, company agents with missions, and underground dealers with lots of weapons and phreak-box utilities for sale. This section of the game is one of the main reasons why we have chosen to name Street Hacker as we have. Associated with the Streets is the downtown vicinity. The Downtown allows players to infiltrate buildings and begin their mission with the aspiration of being able to complete it before the local security guards, police, FBI, & Swat team have targeted your position. Using phreak-boxes to kill traces, shut down city power grids, and disrupt area traffic can increase your hacking time; however, perception of security tracing is always helpful when the time comes to leave as it results in less violence.

Intriguing Plot

A crude executive and entrepreneur, Demetrius Mordecai, discovers you on the Streets of New York. He sees you as person with a strong analytical mind, a keen intuition, and a desire for power. Seeing as how your pocketbook was also empty, he recruits you as a hacker to carry out his dirty work. Vince, his chief of operations, helps get you settled in and used to the game. Being as successful as he is, Demetrius has also made many enemies on the corporate level and a few of the first missions he assigns you is disrupting these companies by taking out their servers. Upon completion, Demetrius will make the unexpected decision to replace you with a better recruit by unanimously giving the FBI a lead on the individual committing these recent digital crimes. Quickly responding, the FBI surrounds your apartment building to find enough evidence to put you away for four years. Two years later after you are out of prison on parole, Vince, your mentor from the beginning, helps get you back on your feet with some cash and the only spare notebook he can find. He and many of the others still working for Demetrius, too afraid to betray him, are hoping you can unravel his secrets and have him put away for life...