Source License Agreement

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VirtuWeb Interactive

Street Hacker Source Code License Agreement

Please read this license agreement carefully and decide whether you are willing to agree to the license terms. If you are not willing to agree to these license terms, VirtuWeb Interactive does not permit you to proceed with installing the Street Hacker Source Code. By proceeding with the installation you are consenting to all of the terms contained herein. VirtuWeb Interactive owns and retains all right, title, and interest in and to Street Hacker Source Code, including all copyrights, patents, trade secret rights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights therein. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal, and may result in civil or criminal liability.

  • "Official Add-ons" means public Street Hacker Mission Designer and Street Hacker Skin Designer programs as released by VirtuWeb Interactive.
  • "Street Hacker Source Code / Street Hacker Source / Source Code / Source" means the source code for Street Hacker software and Official Add-ons provided pursuant to this Agreement.
  • "Copyright Holder" means VirtuWeb Interactive.
  • "Licensor" means the Copyright Holder that offers the Street Hacker Source under the terms of this license.
  • "You/you" means the individual person installing or using Street Hacker Source Code on his or her own behalf; or, if the Street Hacker Source Code is being installed on behalf of an organization, such as an employer, "You/you" means the organization for which the Street Hacker Source Code is downloaded or installed, and the person installing or using the Street Hacker Source Code represents that he or she has the authority to do so as granted by Licensor.
  • "Transfer" meaning sell, loan, distribute.
  • "Third Party" means an individual or entity that has not accepted this license agreement and is not permitted under any circumstances to view the Street Hacker Source Code.
  • "Binary/Binaries" means an executable code version of the program, an uninterpretable compilation of the Source Code which is engineered to solely be executed by a machine and is subsequently unreadable to you or a Third Party even after it is executed.
  • "Compile" means the transformation of the Source Code into Binaries.

  1. Under this license, you have the right to:
    a) Install the Source Code files.
    b) Modify the Source Code files.
    c) Compile the Source Code files.
    d) Run the Binaries on your computer.
    e) Distribute the Binaries for non-profit.

  2. Under this license you do not have the right to, and you may not:
    a) Modify the Source Code beyond what is allowed above.
    b) Make copies of the Source Code files beyond what is allowed above.
    c) Transfer the Source Code files, as originally provided by VirtuWeb Interactive or as modified by you or anyone else, to a Third Party.

  3. Ownership:
    Ownership of Street Hacker Software and Street Hacker Source Code entails that all rights not expressly granted to you in these license terms are reserved by the Copyright Holder. The Copyright Holder retains ownership of all copyrights, patent rights, and other intellectual property rights in the Street Hacker Source Code and software.

  4. No Warranties:
    VirtuWeb Interactive is willing to provide these Source Code files to you for a nominal charge as long as you understand and agree that, to the maximum extent allowed under applicable law:
    a) These Source Code files are provided to you "AS IS" and VirtuWeb Interactive makes no representations, warranties, guarantees, or conditions of any kind regarding these Source Code files or the Source Code contained in these files. Without limiting the previous sentence, VirtuWeb Interactive disclaims all express, implied, or statutory warranties, conditions, or duties regarding (i) merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, quiet enjoyment, or accuracy, (ii) the Street Hacker software or Source Code being free of bugs or errors.
    b) VirtuWeb Interactive total cumulative liability arising from or relating to these Source Code files and the Source Code contained in these files, under any and all theories of liability and causes of action (whether in tort, in contract, or otherwise), will be limited to direct damages up to the amount you actually pay to VirtuWeb Interactive for use of the Source Code pursuant to this agreement. Without limiting the previous sentence, in no event will VirtuWeb Interactive be liable for any lost profits, loss of data, or other consequential, incidental, indirect, special, exemplary, or punitive damages arising from or relating to these Source Code files and the Source Code contained in these files.

  5. General Terms:
    Your rights under these license terms are nonexclusive and personal and cannot be assigned, sub-licensed, or transferred in any other manner to anyone else, and any attempted assignment, sub-license, or transfer will be null and void. VirtuWeb Interactive may terminate your rights under these license terms, by giving you notice of termination, if you breach or violate these license terms; upon termination, you must destroy the CD containing the Source Code, all copies of the Source Code files, Binaries, and all copies of executable code versions of the Street Hacker Software created by compiling these Source Code files, in your possession or control and certify such destruction to VirtuWeb Interactive in writing. These license terms can be amended, and any waiver by VirtuWeb Interactive of any right or remedy under these license terms will be effective, only by means of a written document signed and delivered by an authorized officer of VirtuWeb Interactive that expressly states VirtuWeb Interactive’s agreement to amend these license terms or waive its rights or remedies.

If you have any questions about what is or is not permitted under these license terms or if you would like to obtain the right to use Source Code in ways that are not allowed under these license terms, you should contact VirtuWeb Interactive at