Street Hacker Rebel Edition

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Download Street Hacker Rebel Edition. This version is nearly identical to our commercial release but completely free! We wanted to say thanks to our community for 15 years of support and to new gamers abroad. As always, if you enjoyed your experience please feel free to donate at your discretion so that we can continue to support our great products.

What's Included

  1. A high quality version of the street hacker intro video.
  2. 10 Techno tracks by Nathan Profitt
  3. The Street Hacker Mission Designer
  4. The Street Hacker Skin Designer
  5. Free online updates
  6. The full game and the plot continues...
    • Buy
      notebook computers, weaponry, phreakboxes, hubs
    • Travel
      the country and meet dealers and vendors on the streets
      in eight of America's biggest cities.
    • Infiltrate
      buildings & leach off of their networks while you
      hack your way to success.
    • Obtain
      dynamic missions from corporations plotting against
      one another.
    • Find
      out who changed your prison records and how far Demetrius
      is taking his quest.
    • Collect
      all of Solid Software Solution's applications &