Forum Rules

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These rules are non-debatable unless the moderator/admin asks you to say what you think about it.

  1. Please don't make commercials for products. You may however contact an admin/moderator for premission. If it is related to a topic, wich someone else started and it adds something, it's ok. This however doesn't mean that a moderator/admin may remove it.
  2. Do not post serious hacking related things. We are not real hackers, this forum is just for the game Street Hacker.
  3. Please post at the correct forum. Don't post suggestions in the FAQ or spoilers in general.
  4. Please post in english, we do not understand every language so this will help us and the other users.

We reserve the right to, and this does not restrict us to: ban users, warn users, delete topics, change topics, delete posts, change posts, change personal things like your username/avatar.