About Encrypters

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About Encrypters

What is Encryption?

Encryption is the process of inducing file manipulation with the aid of a programmed algorithm. In other words encryption is used to secure important documents and files since it renders them unusable without the decryption key (password). Different algorithms encrypt files in methods that are harder to decode than others and thus there are different levels, so-to-speak, of encryption.

Why use Encryption?

Encryption is used widely everywhere especially by businesses to secure files for authorized individuals. It is also used online as a form of protection when sending sensitive packets. During game play, encryption is to be used when you want to secure a file or group of files for an employer that requires the data to remain protected.

What can be Encrypted?

Files that are completely intact can be encrypted or decrypted. Folders cannot be encrypted or decrypted. In addition, files that are under system supervision may not be modified.

How to Encrypt Files

Step1: Uninstall all other Encrypters
Step2: Install Desired Encryption Package
Step3: Issuing the Command
You will be able to utilize the program via your console terminal. The instructional command to encrypt a file is encrypt:[File Path]