Mission Goals & Completion

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Mission Goals & Completion

Most missions ask only a few basic requirements be met. Most revolve around Mission Critical Files, MCFiles, and the rest involve server status integrities. Destroy, Steal, Replace, Modify, and combinations of these types are all a mission will require for MCFiles. Harder missions may require multiple files be dealt with in this fashion. Missions involving server statuses will only ever ask for the server to be destroyed, taken offline, or either.

Side Note: Although the destroyed mission type pays the most and is the most influential when re-distributing corporate funding, the taken offline type is probably the hardest to pull off. Taken offline alone means there server needs shut-down permanently until admin interference and does not mean with the permanence of being destroyed. There are very few ways to do this, and the best way is to use multiple corruptor virii. The corruptor essentially will damage and destroy all of the system files so that the system cannot maintain operational status. More Operating Systems Info.