About Viruses

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About Viruses

What are Viruses

Viruses or Virii are small self executing programs designed with destructive features and or spy capabilities. The global recognitions database today has grown to well over 50,000 different virii and new ones are added everyday.

How to Buy Viruses

Viruses are purchased using the Personal Computer Quarantine (PCQ) package. You will be using the developers edition; however, PCQ also has a public version, designed as a respectable AV-System. The public version has holes in the definitions database to allow their own virii to breach their systems. You can use the developers edition to customize your virii in great detail and then place your order. Virus Tech Inc. will then process your order and return a secured self extracting archive with a compiled assembly via e-mail. After your virus has been assembled and sent back to you, you must extract it to your PCQ vault in order to use it.

Using the PCQ

Be careful not to overload your PCQ as viruses will break loose and begin executing on your computer. (ADD MORE)

Types & Characteristics

There are 3 types of viruses and they are defined by the function of the virus. The three classes are Virus, Trojans, & Worms. A Virus is malicious code with the intent of causing destruction. A Trojan is a malicious code that acts as a spy, granting exclusive access to the host machine. A Worm is malicious code that can self propagate on other machines across LAN. Worms can have destructive characteristics like viruses do; however, they usually have a more controlled and specific task to carry out.

How to Launch Viruses

There are two ways to launch viruses; however, to be able to do so there is a number of steps which must first be completed. The easy method is to send them as an attachment via e-mail to your targets e-mail address. The probability of the virii being executed is less than if it was directly introduced to the target and there is little to no verification of successful attacks.

Antivirus Systems

  • PC-Vault is a commonly used AV system found primarily on home users boxes seeking minimal protection.
  • BackScan is proven more effective than PC-Vault in zoo tests; however, it still lacks stability.
  • Naphi Second Edition is dependable and sturdy, earning high marks during zoo tests.
  • VME Professional is found on many high end administration servers because of its quick defenses and durability. It also notifies administrators of direct attacks to its system integrity.
  • Zanetha was built on VME technology, and was incredibly successful at removing 91% of virii during zoo tests. Zanetha like VME will notify administrators of integrity attacks.

How Antivirus Systems Work

The Antivirus Systems are very intricate and function exactly as a lifelike system would. There are different versions of AV systems on the market which will be found on all types of servers and boxes across the internet. They range in detection and removal power, yet all of them link up to the same global recognitions database. If your virus is detected and quarantined on a local computer, that assembly will be quickly disposed of in future encounters. If the assembly is recognized and sent in from a number of servers, the global recognitions database will be updated and your virus will become nearly useless unless it is recoded. Some virus scripts have been written specifically to counter this system. They can takeout the quarantine record making it difficult to send in assembly information to the global recognitions database, and others will attempt to quarantine your viruses before the AV system can.