About Servers

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About Servers

What is a Server

A server is a remote computer, normally with high-speed internet connectivity, equipped to process external requests and distribute centralized data. In other words, servers are computers prepared to "serve" multiple clients simultaneously. Some servers are protected behind a LAN and pass through complex routing schemes which allow multiple servers to sit behind the same LAN. This also increases the security of the servers greatly.

Repeatedly Attacked

Servers that are repeatedly attacked will slowly be upgraded in effort to prevent continued hacking. Upgrades can include antivirus upgrades, box upgrades, better ISPs, firewall implementation, and increased security.

Preset Installed Programs

Almost all servers will have a few extra utilities installed. These include everything from inventory managers to photo editing packages. Corporate employees that work in inventory will undoubtedly be using these utilities and those documents will likely be the target of some missions.

Security Levels

Each server has a security level and that level defines how alert the administrators are. Most servers are miscellaneous home users who doesn't know how to track or even identify an attacker. Corporate servers will usually have at least one admin prepared to counter and some have a few. It all depends on the corporation.