About Operating Systems

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About Operating Systems

What is an Operating System?

An operating system is the set of instructions the computer follows to provide the user with a workable and simplistic interface, often in the form of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) from which the user can operate via input controllers, mouse & keyboard.

Types & Descriptions

There are four types of in game operating systems. Here they are in increasing order of efficiency, capability, and durability, XSolid, Macross, Duradigit, Fedora. XSolid and Macross are very similar; however, Macross is Macrosolid Enterprises latest release. The other two are also very similar and identifiable by their in game company name, Duradigit Incorporated and Silver Fedora Inc.

Directory Structures

Each OS additionally has its own unique directory layout and system files. Directories exclusive to each include the programs, systems, and documents paths.

Programs DIR
Sytems DIR
Documents DIR

What are System Files?

Like program related files, operating systems have system files. System files are pertinent files that directly affect overall system processes and stability. They change naturally depending on the architecture of the operating system and are always kept read-only and unalterable.