About Notebooks

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About Notebooks

Purchasing Notebooks

After you have finished training, the streets will be accessible. If you go to the local Tech shop, dealers will be waiting for you with a variety of different notebook computers. There are 4 major brands that hit the streets during the lifespan of Street Hacker. The Wizard XF, Warlock LR, Vanquish VX, and Celestial CX are all awesome machines in increasing order of robust features and power. Each brand also has a variety of recent model versions including detailed specs; everything from Graphics Card to hard drive capacity have been included.

Advantages to Better Notebooks

There are two main advantages to better notebooks and they are considerable. The first is the speed of the computer. The faster it is, the less time it takes to load programs. If for instance you are encrypting files then a faster computer again will prove more worthy because it will reduce the time it takes. For large files this is a great advantage, especially with slower algorithms. The second advantage to a better notebook is its potential Internet/Ethernet connection. The best computers will be equipped with T1 line capabilities allowing for the best connection speeds. All this directly correlates with load balancing.