Beta Testing Commences

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Beta Testing was scheduled for air on Monday 10/27/03; however, due to unforeseen circumstances we released very early that Thursday morning. After countless hours of testing and final implementation we finally deemed Street Hacker a go for Beta. We wanted to make sure we had cleaned up as many bugs and implemented as much content as we could so the Beta Team would have full opportunity to wreak havoc on what was assumed to be flawlessly working. Shortly before beta release we also implemented a new database control system into three of the largest SH databases to correct the possibility of a CPU hungry game. After many hours of game-play, especially on slower machines, SH may have taken considerable amounts of time to locate and sift through up to 10,000 files in the archive database. With the new control system SH should have no problem quickly locating records to keep game-play flowing. We do want to emphasize that SH is approximately 85% finished. With the addition of the Mission Designer in the following weeks, SH should be nearing it's completion for public release.