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Street Hacker is Live

Today is the day everyone has been waiting for. Street Hacker went live shortly before noon. You can download the latest demo version at Downloads and get information on how to register for the full version here. Register

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Website Downtime

On Monday February 2nd, the website will be temporarily unavailable for part of the day while we upgrade servers in preparation for the Full Version release later this Week.

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Demo Released before Comercial

Over the last 1 month extension we have been finalizing the game in every way shape and form. There have even been some new additions, such as your own Antivirus Scanner and the possibility of viruses infecting files on your own hard drive (simulated). Everyone, including the beta team has been working hard to make SH as bug free and seamless as possible; however, we slightly underestimated how long it would take to integrate the entire plot into the game. With that said we feel we have to hold release date up to an additional 2 weeks. It would be best to make sure something as crucial as this is perfected, so in the mean time, the demo version of Street Hacker will continue to be aired on the old official release date, Jan 20th 2004. Thanks for understanding.

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StreetHacker Back in Beta

We will be moving our December 15th Public Release Deadline back to January 20th so that we can open up the beta team to more people for about 30 more days. We are currently unsure as to how many more people we will allow to join beta; however, if you would like to submit your application you can do so by following this link to more information.

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We have finally gotten a little time to create a public face for Street Hacker. More content to come as we close in on game release; however, at this time viewers can download desktop wallpapers in a variety of resolutions, view a few screenshots in the downloads section we have recently taken and updated, and register on our new ad Free Invision Board Powered Forum. Just click on the Register button at the top of this page to gain access to all that information you're missing out on. In addition, Beta Team will now have access to SH Beta distributables via the downloads page.

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Game Synopsis

We have released an entire Street Hacker Synopsis. In detail, it describes the intricacies of the game from concept and design, the operating platform, the Dynamic World, and the Intriguing Plot. Quote [Concept is the driving aspect for why we have conceptualized, planned, and designed this project from the ground up for over one year. Few games on the market dwell in the realm of simulated digital theft and crime. Street Hacker is a unique mix of both the realism of today’s computer operated world and the creativity of one young man’s mind. Console based games like SH introduce a new form of heart pumping adrenaline, which cannot be reproduced outside this gaming genre. Simulating real-world computer hacking to us in many ways is just as entertaining and much safer.]

Read Full Synopsis

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Beta Testing Commences

Beta Testing was scheduled for air on Monday 10/27/03; however, due to unforeseen circumstances we released very early that Thursday morning. After countless hours of testing and final implementation we finally deemed Street Hacker a go for Beta. We wanted to make sure we had cleaned up as many bugs and implemented as much content as we could so the Beta Team would have full opportunity to wreak havoc on what was assumed to be flawlessly working. Shortly before beta release we also implemented a new database control system into three of the largest SH databases to correct the possibility of a CPU hungry game. After many hours of game-play, especially on slower machines, SH may have taken considerable amounts of time to locate and sift through up to 10,000 files in the archive database. With the new control system SH should have no problem quickly locating records to keep game-play flowing. We do want to emphasize that SH is approximately 85% finished. With the addition of the Mission Designer in the following weeks, SH should be nearing it's completion for public release.

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Mission Designer Postponed

The SH Mission Designer has recently been postponed and will become a helpful tool for Beta Testers during the middle of Beta, and in addition, be publicly released with the Games Release. We have done this because the Designer has weaved itself into more of the databases than previously intended and also the complexity of the designer has spawned further than just missions. The designer will also allow the user to customize & create Companies, Servers, Company File Pools, and of course the Missions.

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New Screenshots Available

New Screenshots have been taken to replace the old screenshots from months ago and visibly flaunt Street Hacker's attractive appearance and interface. These shots shows everything from the loading screen to controlling the built in jukebox, creating viruses, encrypting files, and running an IP scan. There are a few pictures that show some of the people pictures we have created. There currently is are 24 people you can select from and they do not influence your stats distribution. The last 2 pictures are shots from the intro video. We will be adding more pictures in time to this collection so for the moment enjoy.

To View the Screenshots Click Here