A few questions

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Hello to anyone who visits this forum, I have a few questions to ask, and would appreciate any answers if possible

  1. Does anyone beyond admin goes to these forums? I can hardly see any activity or whatsoever from anyone except the admin.
  2. Is street hacker a dead project, or is it still being worked on? Some bug fixes would be nice, as some of them make the game unplayable
  3. Could anyone please tell me, where street hacker saves the user account informations? I would like to make a backup script, but I found some databases in the street hacker folder itself, and one more in the documents\myGames folder
  4. Thank you for your time and, hopefully, future responce.

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Street Hacker version 1.1.8 utilizes the users profile MyGames directory to save data. The original copies are located within program files with the Street Hacker binaries.

Also, it's true the forums are very silent. But they are here for questions like these so please continue to ask.


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Hello, it's me again, with one new question, but first for all, I must say I really like the idea and the way StreetHacker is done, but... The question is:

Is this project dead? As I asked last time, but I either don't understand how this game works, or am extremely lucky to encounter a game-breaking bugs, most of which have something to do with missions. [And as I'm kind of short on money right now + Have no knowledge of C++ or whatever this is written in, I can't try to fix it for myself]

I like to derp around with programming, watch TV shows [MLP 4eva], read or entertain myself, such as imple life