Troubleshooting Installation

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Hello all, it's been a while and I am trying to get back into Street Hacker. This new windows 7 computer isn't making things easy for me however. I've re-downloaded and re-installed the game from the site using my serial in my profile.

And now, after re-downloading Flash, it still says "This program requires flash.ocx". Even getting this message after I manually downloaded said file and placed in flash folder... WTF am I doing wrong?

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Refer to following page for more information.
I believe you need to install flash specifically for internet explorer 32 bit.

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Wow I can't believe how simple it was to setup until now. Thanks for the quick feedback.

I thought I had made sure DivX, .NET framework and Flash were up to date (in admin mode of course). The problem was I was using my default browser: FireFox. Everything went smooth as silk once I updated it all using internet explorer!

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