Risky Business: which one is the right ip?

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Which one is the right ip add for Risky Business (Very Risky) is it the gxs servers or this one i am really stuck here have try for 3 hours to get past here. if i use the last one i get a satellite data system server i don't seam to be able to get in to (or maybe i do something wrong)

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What I can say is that servers that are not marked with static IPs will be randomly generated for each user. This was by design to increase replay value. With that in mind, the only GXS server that is static is their Corporate Mainframe.

The GXS Corporate Mainframe IP is as follows.

Note, I cannot guarantee that the files you are looking for will on that server.

There are two other GXS servers.

  • GXS ATX Assembly Server
  • GXS Administration Server