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Street Hacker Rebel Edition

Download Street Hacker Rebel Edition. This version is nearly identical to our commercial release but completely free! We wanted to say thanks to our community for 15 years of support and to new gamers abroad. As always, if you enjoyed your experience please feel free to donate at your discretion so that we can continue to support our great products.
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Street Hacker Synopsis

Concept was the driving force for this game, and we hope it entertaining. Few games on the market dwell in the realm of simulated digital theft and crime. Street Hacker is a unique mix of both the realism of today’s computer operated world and the creativity of one young man’s mind. Console based games like SH introduce a new form of heart pumping adrenaline, which cannot be reproduced outside this gaming genre. Simulating real-world computer hacking to us in many ways is just as entertaining and much safer.